About Deluxe

We offer clients powerful solutions and streamlined processes to reach and engage new audiences and open additional sources of revenue. We turn their ideas into reality, bringing significant added value to the consumers they serve around the world.

Beginning as a film lab in 1915, we have established a legacy as the most trusted partner for the top content owners, creators and brands. Today, our comprehensive suite of global digital delivery solutions enables our clients to move, manage and monetize content, and our world-class creative services underpin some of the most ground-breaking and meaningful projects in entertainment and advertising. Over 7,000 of the most respected technologists and artists in the industry work at Deluxe in 25 regions around the world. We foster a culture of ingenuity, passion and collaboration to support our clients and their endeavors.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    William Fox opens Fox Film Corp. in New Jersey, featuring a film lab as part of the fledgling studio.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe film lab in Holloywood


    Fox Film Corp. moves headquarters to New York, opens studios in Hollywood, and officially establishes its film lab as “DeLuxe.”

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe Movietone Sound System


    Fox/Deluxe acquires a patent for the sound-on-film process known as the Movietone sound system. The process is used on Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, the first commercial feature with a soundtrack of music, sound effects and a few unsynchronized words.

    Fox begins producing the weekly Fox Movietone News, manufactured by Deluxe, which runs in theaters until 1963.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    Fox Film Corp. and 20th Century Pictures merge to form 20th Century Fox.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe CinemaScope


    Deluxe develops the proprietary widescreen format CinemaScope.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    Twentieth Century Fox Research Department and Deluxe Laboratories receive “Sci/Tech Academy Award” at the 34th Academy Awards for decompressing and recomposing CinemaScope pictures for conventional aspect ratios.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    Deluxe Laboratories purchases General Film Laboratories and the company is rebranded Deluxe General Inc., with labs in New York, Hollywood, Chicago and Toronto.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Color by Deluxe


    Deluxe introduces “Color by DeLuxe.”

  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    Deluxe headquarters are established in Hollywood.

    Deluxe receives the Sci/Tech Academy Award for the development of a computerized motion picture printer and process control system.

    Deluxe enters the home video arena with videocassette manufacturing.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe Rushes


    Rushes, a post-production and visual effects company based in London, is founded.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe Encore


    Encore Hollywood is founded to handle TV post-production.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe Toronto Studios


    Deluxe opens Toronto Studios.

    Iloura, Deluxe’s Academy Award-nominated VFX and animation studio, is founded.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    The Rank Group acquires Deluxe.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe EFILM


    EFILM, Deluxe’s color science and digital imaging studio, is founded.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe video tape storage facilities


    Deluxe duplicates its 1 billionth videocassette.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe Entertainment - 1997


    Company 3, post-production and color grading for feature films, commercials, music videos, and television, is founded.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe Method Studios


    Method Studios is founded to create visual effects for commercials and features.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    Deluxe receives Sci/Tech Academy Award for high speed spray film cleaner.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe DVD and Bluray Authoring and Compression Services


    Deluxe enters home entertainment, offering DVD authoring and compression services.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    Deluxe launches anti-piracy watermarking technology.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    Deluxe buys EFILM from Panavision
  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    Rank sells Deluxe Film Group to MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated, which renames the company Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, reflecting the inclusion of digital businesses and business worldwide.

    Deluxe launches WebWatch as a consulting service to monitor piracy.

    Deluxe acquires the Atlab Group, creating Deluxe Australia.

    Beast, Deluxe’s editorial studio specializing in commercials and music videos, is founded.

    Deluxe/EFILM receive Sci/Tech Academy Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the creation of the Digital Color Separation process for the archival of motion pictures.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe Vancouver


    Deluxe opens Deluxe Vancouver.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe Full Service Audio Post Production Facility


    Deluxe acquires Chace Audio, a full service post-production facility specializing in audio restoration and preservation.

    Stereo D, Deluxe’s 2D-to-3D conversion company, is founded.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    Deluxe acquires Ascent Media Corp.'s Creative Services and Media Services businesses, including Beast, Company 3, Encore, Method Studios and Rushes.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe 2D to 3D conversion company Stereo D


    Deluxe acquires 2D-to-3D conversion company Stereo D.

    Deluxe launches Deluxe OnDemand, the industry’s leading video catalog service offering video management, processing and distribution to enable viewing on any device.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe Iloura


    Deluxe acquires Australian VFX studio Iloura.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    Deluxe launches MediaCloud, its software-defined IP Delivery and Playout broadcast platform.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe OnDemand Enhanced Workflows


    Deluxe OnDemand unveils enhanced workflow functions and processes for authenticated Internet delivery of 4K content directly to UHD-compatible TVs and mobile devices.

    Deluxe closes its film lab in Hollywood, housed in the building that was opened in 1919.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group
    Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema


    Deluxe inks agreement with Sony Pictures, bringing Deluxe’s expertise and technology to the studio’s historic Culver City lot.

    Deluxe and Technicolor launch Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema.

    Deluxe partners with BT Media & Broadcast to extend the reach of MediaCloud’s software-based broadcast playout solution for linear and non-liner broadcast platforms.

    Deluxe OnDemand’s 4K UHD VOD Management solution awarded Best Digital Processing by Europe's SCTE™.

  • Deluxe Media Services Group


    Deluxe launches first successfully-deployed live, 4K video broadcast securely across the world using only the public internet.

    Deluxe announces dedicated Virtual Reality team offering content creation and post-production services for computer-generated and 360° live-action video.