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  • Deluxe Animation Studios

  • Dailies

  • Editorial

  • Sound

  • Visual Effects

  • Color

  • 3D Conversion

  • Virtual Reality

  • Interactive Design / Companion Content

  • Restoration

Deluxe Animation Studios

Deluxe Animation Studios partners with content creators worldwide to produce great animated content. Our team of artists and storytellers are based in animation centers around the globe (Toronto, Pune, and Los Angeles), and led by filmmakers and long-time animation industry veterans out of Warner Bros. Feature Animation, Walt Disney Feature Animation and independent production companies. As the global demand for content continues to grow along with the popularity of both original and returning franchises, Deluxe Animation Studios, powered by the innovation engine and infrastructure of the world’s largest entertainment services provider, enables content creators anywhere in the world to bring their productions to life, no matter the scale or budget.

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Deluxe Creative Dailies Services

Taking advantage of unparalleled technology and talent, Deluxe provides the most comprehensive, secure dailies services anywhere — near set, in studio or in facility. We provide tailored solutions for any project, from intimate, budget-conscious indies to the largest-scale, most demanding blockbusters.

  • Dailies
  • Mobile dailies
  • Live, remote annotation system
  • Archiving systems for camera raw content
  • Film scanning (via Cinemascan)
  • Mobile near-set solutions
  • Unique, tailored workflows
Our Dailies Companies
Worldwide Creative Editorial Services

Deluxe’s feature, television, commercial and trailer editors are part of our globally connected team of award-winning post-production professionals who are available to clients from any location globally. Deluxe’s unparalleled creative editorial services help bring clients’ visions to life for commercials, music videos and web content, earning accolades from Cannes Lions, AICE and the Clios. Our diverse roster of editors includes established veterans and up-and-coming talent that serve as true creative partners to the world’s leading content creators. Deluxe also offers online editorial for clients ranging from major international film and TV studios to independent filmmakers.

  • Tied into complete production workflow
  • Clio and Golden Trailer award-winning talent
  • Over 30 years’ experience in editing industry
Our Editorial Companies
Deluxe Sound Services

Deluxe opened the first Dolby Atmos stage in 2014, adding to a long line of industry firsts that date back to the beginning of the 20th century. With facilities and talent that lead the industry, we provide unparalleled sound design, editing, original music composition, ADR, mixing and localization services for any production at any size. Catalog content can be transformed into any form of distributed media, and our world-class team of restoration and migration experts ensure that legacy material is preserved for generations to come.

  • Post-production sound creation
  • Sound editing and mixing for features, episodic television, trailers and commercials
  • Audio description
  • Foreign language dubbing
  • Localization mixing for foreign territories
  • ADR / Foley recording
  • Music and effects augmentation
  • Conform/Synchronization
  • Laybacks to file/tape
  • Dolby AC-3, Dolby E and DTS encoding
  • Quality control
  • Up-mixing mono/stereo to 5.1/7.1
  • CALM Act/EBU-R128 loudness compliance
  • Music replacement
  • Sound restoration
  • Archive migration
  • Analog to digital audio transfer
  • Vinegar syndrome mag migration
  • Commentary recording
  • One of the only Dolby Premier Certified mixing stages in the world
  • Multiple stages for Dolby Atmos sound
  • Fully supports DTS audio for home entertainment
  • Ability to ingest sound from over 150 legacy formats
  • Locations in eight media hubs worldwide
  • Secure production network
Our Sound Companies
Deluxe Creative VFX Services

Collaborate with a globally connected pool of talented artists and innovators. With expertise across film, television, advertising, video games and virtual reality, our award-winning VFX teams provide everything from concept design and pre-visualization through on-set supervision and asset acquisition. Our VFX teams also offer a full suite of post-production services encompassing character animation and digital doubles, complex effects and environments along with photorealistic lighting and compositing. With some of the most respected supervisors, producers and artists in the industry, no one merges creativity and technical innovation like Deluxe.

  • Concept Design
  • Previsualization
  • Look development
  • On-set supervision
  • Asset acquisition
  • Natural phenomena
  • Environments
  • Character Animation
  • FX animation
  • Matte painting
  • Compositing
  • Rig removal
  • Motion graphics
  • Set extension
  • Crowd replication
  • Beauty work
  • Cinematics
  • Globally connected
  • Academy Award-nominated talent
  • Automated, robust VFX pipeline that facilitates collaboration
Our VFX Companies
Deluxe Creative Color Services

With the most lauded colorists working in features, episodics, commercials and music videos, Deluxe brings premier talent to projects anywhere in the world – live and virtually. Color science is ingrained in our history and our roster of colorists and color science engineers is the deepest in the industry, supporting creatives, directors and cinematographers in achieving the vision of any project.

  • Final color
  • VFX integration
  • Grading for video games
  • Virtual remote color grading
  • Imaging science expertise
  • Film scanning for DI
  • Film recording
  • The industry’s most acclaimed colorists
  • 25+ virtual outposts
  • Unique, tailored workflows
Our Color Companies
Deluxe Creative Services

Deluxe, the recognized leader in 2D-to-3D conversion, is a trusted creative partner to turn your stories into experiences. Working with major motion picture studios, directors, cinematographers and VFX supervisors, Deluxe’s stereoscopic 3D imaging has won accolades and awards throughout the industry. With stereographers and artists at the top of their craft, Deluxe continues to provide genre-defining services on the most iconic projects in entertainment.

  • Patented proprietary VDX software
  • Globally connected
  • Market leader in 2D to 3D conversion
  • Trusted with the largest worldwide releases in cinema
Our 3D Conversion Companies
Deluxe Virtual Reality Delivery Services

Building on a legacy of artistry and innovation, Deluxe VR offers end-to-end content production and post-production services at a quality level that our customers have come to expect for over 100 years. Our dedicated team of immersive experience designers, artists and developers work with the world’s leading brands and content partners to redefine what’s possible in content, communication and commerce. Whether for mobile, PC or console, entertainment, healthcare or education, our Real-Time, CG and live action specialists create breath-taking interactive worlds that test the limits of imagination and immersion. Come explore with us.

  • Creative (Experience Design, Technical Consultation)
  • Production (Real-Time, CG, Live Action, Hybrid)
  • Live action post services (Stitch, Editorial, Color Grading, VFX, Motion Graphics)
  • Delivery (Encoding, Localization, Digital Distribution)
  • Deployment (Technical Support, On-Site Program Management)
  • Dedicated VR team
  • Produce immersive content across all VR platforms
  • Top artists in both Live Action and CG
  • Leverage 3,000+ artists globally, the largest capacity in the industry
  • Access to complementary suite of premium content services including sound design, localization, app development and digital distribution
Deluxe Creative Interactive Content Services

Deluxe has a deep in-house team of producers, developers, marketers and creatives to design and execute a wide range of companion content for your projects. Amplify your audience’s experience, build anticipation for a major release, create a portal to share exclusive content or collaborate with our team to create an immersive world around your content.

  • Experience design
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Second screen experiences
  • Blu-ray and DVD menu design
  • Mobile applications
  • Web design
  • Designers and developers at the forefront of technology
  • Technology fueled creative team consistently delivering industry first solutions: GIF Sync, Second Screen Live, connected 360 experiences, NextGen and more
Deluxe Creative Restoration Services

With state-of-the-art proprietary tools to deliver complete picture and sound restoration, Deluxe provides solutions for moving and still images to preserve or monetize your content for new formats, new markets and new audiences. Our technicians are trained to safely digitize even the most sensitive and fragile materials, and we develop specialized technology for the playback of distressed elements.

  • Film scanning — Pin and Non-Pin registered/Wetgate/Nitrate, scan 35mm/16mm negative, nitrate and all film types with our expert film technicians and large film scanning capacity
  • Digital re-mastering —Television, DVD, Blu-ray and theatrical release in 35mm and digital formats, Deluxe specializes in digital re-mastering and restoration of film and video content, offering archives the ability to optimize content value and simultaneously digitally preserve for the future
  • Color grading — HDR/HD/2K/4K services including enhanced menus, visual enhancements, subtitling, captioning, closed captioning and MPEG encoding
  • Editorial — Reality, TV/airline, time compression, compliance — prepping your content for broadcast, syndication and international deliveries