Delivery Solutions

  • Localization

  • Broadcast Delivery

  • Broadcast Playout

  • Digital Delivery

  • OTT/Multiscreen

  • Affiliate/VOD Syndication

  • TV Everywhere

  • Theatrical Delivery

  • DVD & Blu-ray

  • Review & Approval

  • Screeners

  • Catalog Marketing & Sales

  • Archiving

Worldwide Localization Delivery Services

The global demand for entertainment content today is unprecedented. To supply worldwide audiences with the latest features, episodic programming and original content of all kinds, providers need a localization powerhouse with the capacity to transform and deliver their valuable content to audiences worldwide, securely and in very short windows.

Deluxe Localization with Sfera combines massive global scale and a century of experience with proven, secure cloud-based technology for distributed services, creating one of the largest capacities for localizing content worldwide. Together we have thousands of translators covering 50+ languages across 75 countries for theatrical, home entertainment, broadcast television and OTT; made scalable, measureable, and available on demand via our Sfera platform.

Our Sfera platform maximizes efficiency with asset management, workflow and workforce management, analytics, and web applications, ensuring a smooth and transparent process from request through delivery.

  • Subtitling in 50+ Languages; 2D/3D
  • Captioning and other Accessibility Services
  • Material Ingest
  • Audio Description in English and multiple languages
  • Dubbing and Mixing
  • Scripting
  • Metadata translation
  • Quality Control
  • Asset, workflow & workforce management
  • Analytics
  • Large, readily scalable global capacity
  • Content-provider-approved, secure cloud-based technology
  • Efficient reuse of original assets and repurposing for all distribution channels
  • International casting and directing to ensure true cultural localization
  • Custom designed localization workflows
  • Standardization and greater quality reliability
  • Ability to provide day-and-date localized assets in all venues, languages and formats
Deluxe Broadcast Delivery Services

Deluxe offers secure, robust content delivery for broadcast through both traditional satellite and fixed fibre workflows and our industry-first proven software-defined broadcast platform.

Deluxe is the largest independent provider of syndication delivery in the world, providing flexible, secure and reliable delivery to stations.

With the ability to deliver any video format, our industry expertise and excellent customer service and proof of delivery, mean that we can get programming in front of as many viewers as possible — to sell your content to every market and every station.

With Deluxe’s Broadcast Delivery Network (BDN), we’ve already built the future of broadcast. The BDN is a software-defined content delivery platform that enables high quality video delivery and control of any live broadcast stream – including 4K – to any Deluxe-registered destination point.

By selecting Deluxe, customers benefit from a network dedicated to real-time video content delivery.

The BDN also comprises a sophisticated suite of tools which provide diagnostics, record capability, routing control and highly secure transmissions. Inherent within the design of the platform is an architecture that ensures diaster recovery that provides instantly accessible and active disaster recovery route.

Broadcasters and rights holders are leveraging the platform in production for point to point and multipoint, all while lowering costs and putting the economics of live production back in their favor.


Highest Quality Content Delivery

With over 20 years of partnering with studios, independent syndicators and producers, our satellite workflows are tested and trusted in the industry. Deluxe has the ability to redirect traffic across the entire network via another route to maintain service within any territory. By way of multicasting, Deluxe can switch seamlessly between dual resilient video paths in the unlikely event of failure. The platform is also capable of delivering 4K ultra-high definition live content.

Offering Unparalleled Service Levels

Deluxe has a proven track record for uninterrupted delivery of high profile real-time contribution and distribution video feeds for many large, international, broadcasters achieving in excess of 99.999% availability since the inception of the software-defined BDN. Customers can be assured that their video services will benefit from these demanding service level agreements which will reduce the likelihood for service failure and maintain high customer satisfaction.

Global Reach

With network services spanning five continents, Deluxe connects a huge community of broadcasters, satellite earth stations, production facilities and playout facilities. Customers instantly become part of this community and have easy access to other members, immediately opening up customer and supplier base allowing them to generate new revenues and source new suppliers at more cost effective methods.

Reliable and Proven

Deluxe’s network platforms have been trusted for multiple decades in the industry, and we have built on that trust and expertise in building, testing and implementing the BDN. The platform is in use today by some of the world’s top media companies for contribution, distribution, over the top delivery, backup, disaster recovery, broadcast monitoring and news and sports workflows.

Incremental Bandwidth Charges and Flexibility

The platform is very flexible in terms of the bandwidth that is used to delivery video services, the nature of using an internet topology to underpin the platform allows Deluxe to use as much or as little required. Our experience has been that broadcasters are generally pushing for higher quality and, therefore, bandwidth.

Service Management

Deluxe’s dedicated Network Operation Centers (NOC) provide an expert level of proactive service management before, during and after transmissions. Our NOCs access the technology that allows Deluxe to harness the power of IP distribution and comfortably handle large scale signal distribution in an efficient and flexible manner. This technology, combined with our experienced team, means we are able to react swiftly and efficiently to any scenario, large or small, extremely quickly — something reflected in our very high network availability figures.

Future Proof

Deluxe’s extensive R&D facility in Sweden supports the rollout of new services that customers wish to provide on the platform. New services can be staged on a test platform where network and application parameters can be rapidly fine-tuned in a safe environment, thus ensuring a successful and more rapid deployment.

Deluxe - Dailies - Broadcast Playout

As the industry’s first commercially deployed, leading software-defined broadcast platform, Deluxe MediaCloud addresses specific requirements in heralding a new era of broadcasting, including servicing multiple platforms, territories and regions, version management and language controls as well as the scalability and increased complexity across linear and non-linear platforms.

Using the capabilities of Deluxe’s innovative MediaCloud platform, customers can rapidly respond to changing needs in programming and provide true remote content in a much more flexible, agile and less power-hungry workflow than before.


Cost Reduction and Efficiencies
  • Reduce cost in physical infrastructure, software, hardware and management time
  • Reduce cost and time to market for launching or trialling new services/features
  • Avoid costs of obsolescence and technical refresh through continuous feature upgrades
Remove Dependencies
  • Geographically diverse resilience across purpose built and highly secure datacenters
  • Design principles are leveraged from Enterprise IT best practice to deliver high availability services 24/7/365
  • Increased resilience with the removal of single points of failure, eliminating the risk of component failure
  • Migrate seamlessly from existing legacy platforms through a disaster recovery mode then full, resilient, dual-site origination
Increase Flexibility/Agility
  • Launch/drop services and features both across the linear and non-linear domain
  • Easily integrate based on an open non-proprietary API-driven platform architecture that enables future integration with any platform and service
  • Remove the tethers of the technology platform
  • Support peak-time special events such as one-off live events – no redesign or system integration is necessary— through an elastic provisioning of resources
  • Teleport services integrating traditional satellite and video fiber workflows with IP and OTT end points.
  • Launch services can be launched more quickly than with legacy systems by shortening build and integration timescales
  • Quickly expand services into alternative markets and territories – online, internationally, regionally
  • Deliver and capitalize on features and market requirements through a shortened R&D cycle
Improved Quality
  • On-air performance designed to deliver 99.999% uptime
  • ADMC is already providing 4K services across the world.
  • More features readily available to enhance brand value.
  • Greater effective monitoring and reporting systems to drive proactive support and maintenance.
  • Customers are able to impact development through an open and cooperative approach.
Green Deal
  • As a hosted solution requiring less real-estate and power, Deluxe’s cloud-based system offers a ‘greener’ solution than traditional playout models with an on-premises solution.
Deluxe Digital Delivery Services

As the leading global provider of content to download and streaming services, Deluxe delivers to all digital platforms that directly reach consumers. Our facilities transport over 60,000 digital files every month, handling content in 27 worldwide locations. We provide truly global scale to send content anywhere.

  • Digital packaging and delivery
  • Cloud-based ingestion and asset management
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • 1000+ delivery end points around the world
  • One stop shop for transcode, watermarking, screeners and packaging
  • All formats, all languages, all platforms
  • Faster ability to go live
  • Coveted Preferred Vendor Status
OTT and Multiscreen Multi Device Delivery Services

Deluxe addresses the technology to build, maintain and scale multiscreen OTT video services — whether you’re a content owner interested in expanding distribution direct-to-consumers or a service provider launching a high quality OTT VOD or EST service. Our solutions are tailored to your specific delivery requirement and business model.

  • Turnkey light and highly customized options
  • End-to-end platform and workflow to prepare and stream content
  • B2B solutions (mezzanine file fulfillment to customer spec) and direct to consumer solutions (including multi-CDN delivery, hosting DRM license servers)
  • Multi-DRM support: FairPlay Streaming, Widevine and PlayReady
  • Multiscreen-ready +100,000 content catalog spanning theatrical, premium and episodic
  • Not locked into a single vendor solution
  • Get to market faster
  • Highly adaptable and scalable to meet business growth
  • Broader format and device support
  • No reason to invest in infrastructure; focus on new services and monetization opportunities
  • Awarded 2015 Best Digital Processing Solution by SCTE and Four Diamonds by the 2015 Diamond Technology Reviews.
Deluxe Affiliate VOD Syndication Services

Deluxe services enable content owners to broaden their affiliate network while driving down costs. Deluxe combines unprecedented workflow simplicity with a market-proven media management platform to expand VOD syndication and monetize content, in any market and in any window.

  • Enterprise-class Media Management Platform and delivery workflow
  • Near real-time Live-to-VOD syndication
  • Live capture (satellite & IP)
  • C3/C7 content creation
  • Insertion of SCTE 35 markers
  • Multiple delivery formats: Mezzanine, Cable ADI, MediaRoom, Custom and Multiscreen
  • Flexible APIs: Easy integration with ecosystem and/or existing infrastructure
  • Global delivery footprint to quickly expand distribution
  • Removes cost from the content delivery supply chain
  • Ability to customize metadata and packaging for each affiliate
  • Reduced cost with IP connectivity
  • Future-proof and scalable
Deluxe - TV Everywhere

Deluxe empowers distributors to offer subscribers any content on any device, anytime. We allow clients to launch or expand TV Everywhere services for all popular devices — available for streaming or download. Our VOD management services and content supply solutions empower clients to meet subscriber video demand and easily integrate with existing supply chains, workflows, storefronts and apps for a faster time to market and at a lower TCO.

  • Provides the critical capabilities for video processing, protection, authentication and distribution
  • Pre-encoded titles support virtually every fixed and mobile device
  • +80 formats span MPEG2 and MPEG4 STB (set-top box) systems, iOS, Android, PC/Mac, Smart TV, game consoles and more.
  • MPEG DASH & CENC to simplify browser-based delivery
  • Dynamic ad insertion
  • Multiple delivery options including multi-CDN and hosting DRM license servers
  • Higher quality compressed VOD encodes and consumer experiences
  • Simple and lower cost alternative to expand distribution
  • Improve customer satisfaction and Pay TV subscription value
Deluxe Unified Delivery Services

Deluxe is the market leader in the global distribution of Hollywood content. We master, encode, control quality and deliver the vast majority of features and trailers to cinemas. With a distribution network that stretches the globe and buoyed by the most advanced technology in the industry, Deluxe is an unmatched force in theatrical delivery.

  • Proprietary, global electronic key system
  • Full theatrical versioning and mastering
  • Managing global day/date/time releases
  • Trusted by major studios and independents alike
  • Unparalleled security throughout each distribution point
  • Secure pre-release trailers to facilitate placement negotiations
  • Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema combines the capabilities of the two largest media services providers for theatrical distribution
Deluxe DVD Bluray  Delivery Services

Deluxe is the world’s largest provider of Blu-ray and DVD production services, including 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. We provide manufacturing, compression and authoring, menu design and bonus and second screen content production for the biggest titles in home entertainment.

  • DVD & Blu-ray manufacturing
  • Compression & authoring
  • Enhanced menu design
  • Visual enhancements
  • Subtitling
  • Captioning
  • Closed captioning
  • MPEG encoding
  • Second screen content
  • Replication (microplant)
  • Watermarking and fingerprinting
  • First-mover to incorporate new specifications and formats
  • Proprietary watermarking technology to prevent piracy
Deluxe MediaVu

Deluxe provides review and approval solutions for all major movie studios, broadcast networks and cable stations as well as over 1,000 brands and 100 agencies — our platform is the leading review and approval solution in the industry.

  • Security of files that can’t be downloaded, forwarded or used inappropriately
  • Tracking of all communications and network responses
  • Automatic notifications upon material review
  • Timeline-based comments (all contents and communications are kept secure in system)
  • Simple, intuitive UI
  • Faster than conventional clearance workflow, allowing network editors to process streamlined integration with all major stations
  • Customizable workflows
  • Review content anywhere in the world
Deluxe - Screeners

Deluxe is the most secure option for providing online screening solutions for review and approval, dailies, sales, publicity and awards consideration. We have provided screeners to over 40 studios and production companies, as well as the last four award seasons and over 80 film festivals around the world, reaching more than two million users in over 80 countries.

  • Full reporting and metrics for viewing, more comprehensive than traditional links or DVDs
  • Rights management, including by device
  • Ability to change viewing conditions
  • Limit number of devices able to access content
  • Download functionality
  • Personalized watermarking
  • Available on multiple devices and operating systems
  • Full reporting and metrics not available through
  • Gold-standard in security
  • Trusted provider for six years
  • Can link to catalog sales and marketing platform
  • Content can go from lab to buyers/voters in hours
Deluxe MediaStore

Deluxe gives you the power to market, license and deliver your content all in a single cloud-based platform, streamlining your sales, distribution and rights management workflows. With a single, user-friendly interface, you can deliver transparent, accurate information to your buyers and licensors anywhere and anytime. Our secure Software-as-a-Service platform allows you to manage, market and simplify your selling process through customized branded and white-label solutions.

  • Manage metadata, rights, screeners and marketing materials
  • Secure online screening
  • Viewing statistics
  • Catalog selections
  • Contact database and campaigns
  • Ingestion
  • Digital archive
  • Digital delivery
  • Tape creation & delivery
  • Sales dashboard with invoices, contracts and offers
  • Buyer behavior analytics
  • Available via iPad application
  • A central user-friendly interface
  • Cost-effective – hosting, support and maintenance fully covered under a monthly subscription fee
  • Secure streaming with watermarking
  • Web-based software and services accessible
  • Secure, multi-bitrate video streaming
  • MPAA-certified digital archive
Deluxe Archiving Services

With multiple solutions tailored to address any archiving situation or need, Deluxe offers the most flexible, comprehensive offerings in media asset management and archiving. Our solutions feature deep, contextual metadata to find whatever file you need as well as allowing automated extraction and delivery in a wide range of formats. Our solutions allow you to collect, assess, evaluate, consolidate and relate your production assets for archiving.

  • Create and add qualitative metadata
  • Ongoing data validation and asset protection
  • Ability to search project assets
  • Synchronous relationships between project assets
  • Supports all digital formats and 50+ physical storage formats
  • Legacy equipment guarantees format coverage
  • Custom restoration and post-production services