Broadcast Delivery

Deluxe Broadcast Delivery Services

Deluxe offers secure, robust content delivery for broadcast through both traditional satellite and fixed fibre workflows and our industry-first proven software-defined broadcast platform.

Deluxe is the largest independent provider of syndication delivery in the world, providing flexible, secure and reliable delivery to stations.

With the ability to deliver any video format, our industry expertise and excellent customer service and proof of delivery, mean that we can get programming in front of as many viewers as possible — to sell your content to every market and every station.

With Deluxe’s Broadcast Delivery Network (BDN), we’ve already built the future of broadcast. The BDN is a software-defined content delivery platform that enables high quality video delivery and control of any live broadcast stream – including 4K – to any Deluxe-registered destination point.

By selecting Deluxe, customers benefit from a network dedicated to real-time video content delivery.

The BDN also comprises a sophisticated suite of tools which provide diagnostics, record capability, routing control and highly secure transmissions. Inherent within the design of the platform is an architecture that ensures diaster recovery that provides instantly accessible and active disaster recovery route.

Broadcasters and rights holders are leveraging the platform in production for point to point and multipoint, all while lowering costs and putting the economics of live production back in their favor.


Highest Quality Content Delivery

With over 20 years of partnering with studios, independent syndicators and producers, our satellite workflows are tested and trusted in the industry. Deluxe has the ability to redirect traffic across the entire network via another route to maintain service within any territory. By way of multicasting, Deluxe can switch seamlessly between dual resilient video paths in the unlikely event of failure. The platform is also capable of delivering 4K ultra-high definition live content.

Offering Unparalleled Service Levels

Deluxe has a proven track record for uninterrupted delivery of high profile real-time contribution and distribution video feeds for many large, international, broadcasters achieving in excess of 99.999% availability since the inception of the software-defined BDN. Customers can be assured that their video services will benefit from these demanding service level agreements which will reduce the likelihood for service failure and maintain high customer satisfaction.

Global Reach

With network services spanning five continents, Deluxe connects a huge community of broadcasters, satellite earth stations, production facilities and playout facilities. Customers instantly become part of this community and have easy access to other members, immediately opening up customer and supplier base allowing them to generate new revenues and source new suppliers at more cost effective methods.

Reliable and Proven

Deluxe’s network platforms have been trusted for multiple decades in the industry, and we have built on that trust and expertise in building, testing and implementing the BDN. The platform is in use today by some of the world’s top media companies for contribution, distribution, over the top delivery, backup, disaster recovery, broadcast monitoring and news and sports workflows.

Incremental Bandwidth Charges and Flexibility

The platform is very flexible in terms of the bandwidth that is used to delivery video services, the nature of using an internet topology to underpin the platform allows Deluxe to use as much or as little required. Our experience has been that broadcasters are generally pushing for higher quality and, therefore, bandwidth.

Service Management

Deluxe’s dedicated Network Operation Centers (NOC) provide an expert level of proactive service management before, during and after transmissions. Our NOCs access the technology that allows Deluxe to harness the power of IP distribution and comfortably handle large scale signal distribution in an efficient and flexible manner. This technology, combined with our experienced team, means we are able to react swiftly and efficiently to any scenario, large or small, extremely quickly — something reflected in our very high network availability figures.

Future Proof

Deluxe’s extensive R&D facility in Sweden supports the rollout of new services that customers wish to provide on the platform. New services can be staged on a test platform where network and application parameters can be rapidly fine-tuned in a safe environment, thus ensuring a successful and more rapid deployment.