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Deluxe - Dailies - Broadcast Playout

As the industry’s first commercially deployed, leading software-defined broadcast platform, Deluxe MediaCloud addresses specific requirements in heralding a new era of broadcasting, including servicing multiple platforms, territories and regions, version management and language controls as well as the scalability and increased complexity across linear and non-linear platforms.

Using the capabilities of Deluxe’s innovative MediaCloud platform, customers can rapidly respond to changing needs in programming and provide true remote content in a much more flexible, agile and less power-hungry workflow than before.


Cost Reduction and Efficiencies
  • Reduce cost in physical infrastructure, software, hardware and management time
  • Reduce cost and time to market for launching or trialling new services/features
  • Avoid costs of obsolescence and technical refresh through continuous feature upgrades
Remove Dependencies
  • Geographically diverse resilience across purpose built and highly secure datacenters
  • Design principles are leveraged from Enterprise IT best practice to deliver high availability services 24/7/365
  • Increased resilience with the removal of single points of failure, eliminating the risk of component failure
  • Migrate seamlessly from existing legacy platforms through a disaster recovery mode then full, resilient, dual-site origination
Increase Flexibility/Agility
  • Launch/drop services and features both across the linear and non-linear domain
  • Easily integrate based on an open non-proprietary API-driven platform architecture that enables future integration with any platform and service
  • Remove the tethers of the technology platform
  • Support peak-time special events such as one-off live events – no redesign or system integration is necessary— through an elastic provisioning of resources
  • Teleport services integrating traditional satellite and video fiber workflows with IP and OTT end points.
  • Launch services can be launched more quickly than with legacy systems by shortening build and integration timescales
  • Quickly expand services into alternative markets and territories – online, internationally, regionally
  • Deliver and capitalize on features and market requirements through a shortened R&D cycle
Improved Quality
  • On-air performance designed to deliver 99.999% uptime
  • ADMC is already providing 4K services across the world.
  • More features readily available to enhance brand value.
  • Greater effective monitoring and reporting systems to drive proactive support and maintenance.
  • Customers are able to impact development through an open and cooperative approach.
Green Deal
  • As a hosted solution requiring less real-estate and power, Deluxe’s cloud-based system offers a ‘greener’ solution than traditional playout models with an on-premises solution.