Worldwide Localization Delivery Services

The global demand for entertainment content today is unprecedented. To supply worldwide audiences with the latest features, episodic programming and original content of all kinds, providers need a localization powerhouse with the capacity to transform and deliver their valuable content to audiences worldwide, securely and in very short windows.

Deluxe Localization with Sfera combines massive global scale and a century of experience with proven, secure cloud-based technology for distributed services, creating one of the largest capacities for localizing content worldwide. Together we have thousands of translators covering 50+ languages across 75 countries for theatrical, home entertainment, broadcast television and OTT; made scalable, measureable, and available on demand via our Sfera platform.

Our Sfera platform maximizes efficiency with asset management, workflow and workforce management, analytics, and web applications, ensuring a smooth and transparent process from request through delivery.

  • Subtitling in 50+ Languages; 2D/3D
  • Captioning and other Accessibility Services
  • Material Ingest
  • Audio Description in English and multiple languages
  • Dubbing and Mixing
  • Scripting
  • Metadata translation
  • Quality Control
  • Asset, workflow & workforce management
  • Analytics
  • Large, readily scalable global capacity
  • Content-provider-approved, secure cloud-based technology
  • Efficient reuse of original assets and repurposing for all distribution channels
  • International casting and directing to ensure true cultural localization
  • Custom designed localization workflows
  • Standardization and greater quality reliability
  • Ability to provide day-and-date localized assets in all venues, languages and formats