Deluxe Localization: Scale and Technology to Match the Pace of Global Demand

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    June 27, 2017
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by Chris Reynolds, VP Global Partnerships, Technology & Innovation

Digital distribution models and changing release windows are fueling worldwide demand for entertainment content – a global market expected to reach $2.1 trillion in 2020 (PWC). Having local language content is a key factor for successful global monetization of your library. OTTs in particular have flattened the world, creating new market opportunities but also challenges. The traditional methods of media localization are struggling to handle the speed, consistency and security required for content to flow at the pace and scale of this market reality. 

More than 10 years ago, Deluxe saw this future and its requirements. Since then, we have focused our engineering and expertise on building what is now the global Deluxe Localization platform. We created it to ensure that a seamless global day-and-date release in all languages, formats, and screens can be simply delivered for content owners and providers worldwide. 

The integrated, cloud-based services and workflow management platform, Deluxe Localization with Sfera, ensures consistency, speed to market, and transparency, through: 

  • Real-time API-based order tracking and management

  • Integrated web applications for subtitling, scripting, and voice casting, with more web apps in development for dubbing, compliance editing, audio conforming, and access services.

  • Automated workflow management ‣ Global Translator KPIs ‣ Proprietary glossary and compliance database 

  • Automated QC checks ‣ Integrated Preview and Approval

  • Tightly integrated watermarking and industry-leading forensic security measures 

With this platform, Deluxe has the largest capacity in the industry, localizing more than 1.5M minutes of video content every month. To support this volume, we have 9,000 in-territory translators and 1,500 full time employees across the globe dedicated to localizing content for faster worldwide production flow.

Today, we localize content for every major studio, OTT platform, and broadcast company with a decade of data and learning supporting our work. Whether it is a day and date theatrical release in over 40 languages, an OTT show in 21 languages, or a broadcast show in 12, we make sure content flows at the speed of global consumer demand.