Deluxe’s Beast and Company 3 Test Drive New Panavision DXL for “Underwater” Short Film

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    May 22, 2017
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Director Russ Lamoureux’s ethereal short film “Underwater” marks one of the first projects shot and finished on the Panavision-Light Iron Millennium DXL 8K camera. Well versed in working with advanced formats, The Chicago facility worked closely with Lamoureux on the film, helping test the new camera and providing real-world feedback to Panavision-Light Iron. Tyler Roth at Company 3 provided the color grade, while Angelo Valencia at Beast handled the edit. Creative Director Brett Glover and Flame Artist Ryan Wood handled the title design and finish, respectively.

“Only a few people had shot on this camera and I wanted to take this opportunity to see how it works both on set and all the way through post. The Chicago team was a great partner to help me put the camera through its paces during the post process, particularly regarding the color science,” shared Lamoureux.

“I was very impressed with the footage which is both a testament to DP Jas Shelton’s incredible talent as well as the engineering and science behind the DXL,” said Roth. “Russ and I were able to create a rich palette that emulates traditional film stocks, with quite a range – from the sunny pool deck and rich aquamarine water, to the warm low-light night environments. It was a pleasure to be in the unique position to test and provide real-world feedback for a camera still in development.”

An examination of memory and loss, “Underwater” stars Katie Aselton, Matt Jones, Constance Zimmer, and Scott Peat, plus a few fun cameos including Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste. View the film on Film Shortage: