NAB Rewind: 5 Ways Deluxe Simplifies Delivery

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    April 28, 2017
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Missed us at NAB? We were on the ground showing people how Deluxe’s technology and massive global scale simplifies delivery in this new world. We highlighted our solutions that Transform, Localize, Catalog, Distribute, and Play content for all platforms, windows, and screens, everywhere on the planet.

1. We Transform
Deluxe is the system that prepares and packages your content to streamline your workflows, simplify your asset management and minimize operational complexity. From mastering to advanced formats, to restoration, metadata enhancement — we’ve got everything you need to prep content to meet the world. 

2. We Localize 
With our massive capacity (we deliver over a million minutes of localized content every month) and capabilities for subtitling, dubbing, compliance editing, audio description, closed captioning and more, we can make content truly local for every consumer, everywhere in the world.  

3. We Catalog
With integrated asset management, search, tools for discovery, and built-in secure screener capability, we have everything you need to effectively monetize content around the globe. Our MediaStore store platform gives buyers more access to content and more connections to you, helping you simplify and manage the sales process while better connecting your content to the marketplace.  

4. We Distribute
Our revolutionary IP-based software-defined broadcast platform lets content providers play out and deliver channels anytime, anywhere, to any platform in any format. 

5. We Play
No matter the method of play, Deluxe can enable your business and distribution model with greater speed, efficiency, and scale. Our integrated delivery system enables on-demand and catch up viewing to set top boxes and OTT applications to reach viewers worldwide on any screen and device. Our proprietary technology delivers 4K content live and on demand over public or private networks anywhere in the world via our proprietary software/hardware system.