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Deluxe Expands 4K UHD Capabilities Of Deluxe OnDemand™

BURBANK, Calif., Dec. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Deluxe today announced key capabilities and feature enhancements to its cloud-based content supply and video-on-demand (VOD) management solution, Deluxe OnDemand™.

These key features enable service providers to launch 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) services immediately—and without additional infrastructure investment or workflow costs. 

Deluxe OnDemand also mitigates the risk of investing in new technologies emerging in the 4K market, while helping operators speed the launch of their 4K services as they seek to gain competitive advantage and market differentiation.

Deluxe OnDemand's 4K UHD capabilities encompass all the enhanced workflow functions and processes for authenticated Internet delivery of 4K content directly to UHD-compatible televisions and mobile devices. That includes digital re-mastering of 4K content, conversion and high efficiency video encoding (HEVC) or H.265, transcoding, DRM, and CDN hosting and delivery.

"Deluxe has architected a solution that easily integrates with our customers' existing infrastructure and workflows to enable service providers to meet the early demand for 4K and scale, as the market evolves without the capital and operational investment," said Todd Collart, general manager of Deluxe Digital Distribution.

"Beyond the cost issues, Deluxe's leadership and expertise in the upstream 4K UHD and HDR digital re-mastering, processing and delivery enables our customer to rely on the best practices we have developed working closely with studios, broadcasters and device manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG Electronics," Collart said. "Our real-world experiences will help our customers sort through the complex issues that go into establishing standards and benchmarks for delivering a superior 4K experience to their subscribers."

Enhanced capabilities of Deluxe OnDemand 4K UHD support both content supply and turnkey VOD management. This includes:

Digital re-mastering and processing of next generation formats for 4K UHD, High Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) or H.265, and Higher Dynamic Range (HDR) displays, such as Dolby Vision.
Ingest of 4K mastered and re-mastered source files and processing of higher quality encodes and ABR transcodes.
Flexible on net/off-net hosting & delivery options to address storage and bandwidth issues associated with 4K massive file size.
Proven integration with 4K Ultra HD TVs, including Samsung and LG Electronics.
Support for surround sound audio using DTS and Dolby Digital Plus.

Deluxe Digital Distribution recently announced 4K UHD content processing, management and distribution deals with Samsung and LG Electronics. 

About Deluxe Digital Distribution

Deluxe Digital Distribution is revolutionizing digital home entertainment with its advanced cloud-based content supply and turnkey VOD management solutions. The Deluxe OnDemand™ products make it easier to offer premium content quickly and cost-effectively across popular multi-screen devices. Deluxe is a leader in new technologies and workflows for HEVC, 4K and UHD to power next-generation mobile devices and televisions. Deluxe Digital Distribution is a business division of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. 

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Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. is a global leader in media and entertainment services across film, video and online original content from capture to consumption. 

Since 1915, Deluxe Entertainment has been the trusted partner for the world's most successful Hollywood studios, independent film companies, TV networks, exhibitors, advertisers and others, offering best-in-class solutions in production, post production, distribution, asset and workflow management and new digital solution-based technologies.

The company employs nearly 6,000 of the most talented, highly honored and recognized artists and industry veterans worldwide. Deluxe Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc.