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Brad Soroca

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Chief Commercial Officer

Brad drives Deluxe’s sales and marketing strategies, and is Deluxe’s expert on all things business and brand-building. His career has been centered around the intersection of content and technology. Brad leads the process of raising awareness of Deluxe’s work and building out a modern marketing and sales organization. He is constantly in tune with the company’s customers in order to identify new products and services that address their changing needs.

With an impressive resume full of startups and global media brands, Brad has worked in a range of industries – including news, sports, and entertainment. He is the former CEO of Arazoo, COO and CMO of eMusic, and SVP of Marketing and Research for NBC Local Media. Prior to NBC, he also worked at ESPN Digital Media and Conde Nast. A common thread throughout his work history is his success in rebranding, restructuring marketing and sales teams, and growing business through the use of content.

With a degree in English and film from Middlebury College, Brad has always been drawn to entertainment and creativity. He ditched his dreams of writing film and television shows in order to enable others creativity. With the media industry in a state of flux, he is excited by the opportunities of this evolving global content market.