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Cindy McKenzie

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Chief Information Officer

Cindy is responsible for Deluxe’s IT strategy, and focuses on the delivery of planning, development, implementation and maintenance of technology-related services. Joining Deluxe in June 2016, Cindy has matured its IT services including policies and standards, and works with teams to optimize Deluxe’s technology. Cindy’s understanding of the industry and her ability to build strong business partnerships based on trust and credibility, ensures successful results across Deluxe brands.

Cindy has over 20 years of experience in IT leadership roles and her resume reflects someone who excels in strategic planning and team-building. Aside from the entertainment industry, she’s also worked in engineering and construction, and financial services. Prior to joining Deluxe, Cindy was the VP at Jacobs Engineering, and the Managing Director of PwC. Cindy was also the Senior VP at Fox Entertainment Group for seven years, and received a B.A. in Economics from California State University – Long Beach.

A big believer that media and entertainment touches everyone, Cindy was drawn to the industry because of the diverse opportunities it offers. She believes the entertainment industry continues to transform due to technological advancements, changes in consumer preferences, and increased globalization. Her philosophy that technology should be a key enabler of business strategies will drive Deluxe’s success.

Cindy’s favorite movie as a child was "The Wizard of Oz."