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Francesco Di Ianni

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Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Francesco leads Deluxe’s growth strategy initiatives, helping the organization identify strategic opportunities to drive revenue and profitability. As part of his role, Francesco is tasked with developing the commercial strategy around new businesses, supporting Deluxe’s divisions to supercharge their performance and identifying, assessing and executing inorganic growth opportunities.

Prior to joining Deluxe, Francesco was part of the Media & Entertainment leadership team at L.E.K. Consulting, a global strategy consulting firm. He helped studios, TV networks, OTT providers, video game and branded entertainment companies monetize their content and expand into new services and geographies. While at L.E.K., Francesco led major OTT launches, evaluated expansion paths for post production and localization providers and helped grow fan-centric franchises in sports and entertainment. Francesco is also familiar with the private equity space and has led numerous due diligence projects for various institutional investors. Prior to L.E.K., Francesco held various consulting positions in Europe and evaluated the performance of distribution and production subsidiaries for Ubisoft Entertainment, a major video game publisher.

Francesco is a strong believer that strategy should not be developed in an ivory tower. Rather it should be fact based, tied to the realities of the business while laying out and communicating a bold vision to ensure its people and resources are effectively deployed to win.

You would be surprised to know that Francesco has actually done some voice-over localization work in animation, if asked nicely he may even tell you where you can see his work…