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Morgan Fiumi

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Chief Innovation Officer

Morgan leads Deluxe’s Innovation Office, a cross-functional group of strategic thinkers, growth hackers, engineers and product leads who identify and implement transformative technologies across all divisions of the company. At Deluxe, Morgan managed the development and deployment of Sfera – a global, cloud based localization and distribution platform – which propelled Deluxe to be the top localization service provider in the global content industry.

An industry veteran with over 20 years of experience developing strategic and disruptive technologies for the media industry, Morgan was the founder and CEO of Sfera Studios before it was acquired by Deluxe, in which role he led the development of Sfera’s highly scalable, cloud-based platform. Prior to Sfera, Morgan served as COO and SVP of Deluxe Digital Studios, where he oversaw the integration of video compression, authoring, BD-J development, subtitling, dubbing, audio, creative services and digital distribution worldwide.

Morgan has always had a love for the artistry and skill behind storytelling and how technology helps bring stories to life. His passion for leveraging technology to deliver impactful stories to a global audience is what drives him as Deluxe’s Chief Innovation Officer.

Morgan’s favorite movie is "The Hangover" because he loves the camaraderie between each of the primary characters. In the film, no matter how dire the situation may be, they always work as a team and stick to their mission.