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Walter Schonfeld

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President, Distribution

Walter joined Deluxe as President of Digital Cinema Global Operations, and has recently become the President of Global Distribution. He leads Deluxe’s worldwide operations, addresses issues, and improves products and services. In order to be successful in his role, he prioritizes Deluxe customers and team-building.

Walter has over 20 years of executive responsibility experience and has worked within multiple industries, including pulp and paper, telecommunications, and textiles. Prior to Deluxe, Walter was the President and CEO of SDI Media, a localization provider of dubbing, subtitling, and media services.

Walter believes the entertainment industry is the opposite of boring, making it an exciting space to work, and one with significant opportunities for personal and business improvement. He finds it is an industry in transition, and the perfect place for people who want to improve and expand organizations. He was drawn to Deluxe particularly because it is in the process of a business transformation, and as always, he’s up for the challenge.