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Deluxe UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 | Addressing Gender Representation | Pursuing Diversity

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At Deluxe we are committed to pursuing diversity. Employees from different walks of life provide a range of experiences that allow us to consistently grow and innovate, finding new ways to help our clients tell their stories through the art of television and film. We also believe in taking ownership, which is why we are constantly reviewing the procedures we have in place to ensure that we encouraging creativity, curiosity and providing equal opportunities for all.

This year for the first time, UK legal entities with 250 or more employees are required to report on their gender pay gap by law. We welcome this initiative and are delighted to present Deluxe UK's first Gender Pay Gap Report.*

Our analysis shows the overall difference between male and female Deluxe UK employees’ earnings is 12% (mean) or 7.8% (median), based on a pay data snapshot taken on 5 April 2017. Similar to the reports of other companies so far, our gap is primarily caused by a lack of female representation within senior management roles. Whilst we are pleased that our gender pay gap is below the national average, we will be striving to reduce it further as we make progress towards achieving greater female representation in our senior roles. The report also shows the steps Deluxe are taking to reduce this gap.

Together, we strive to create an inclusive work environment, promoting diversity, creativity, ownership, collaboration and innovation, where equal opportunities are provided for all.

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Julia Dell

Chief People Officer

Deluxe Entertainment Services Group


*The report includes metrics for our two relevant UK entities – Deluxe Media Europe Ltd and Deluxe 142 Ltd.